The real reason to check every employee

Ekaterina A. (her real name was changed to preserve the confidentiality of the client) bought a business that had about a dozen office employees.

But there was a sudden change that seemed insignificant. One of the managers quit, and Ekaterina urgently needed to replace him.

A woman who came to the interview for the manager’s position gave the impression that she could fulfill the necessary duties.

A month passed since the new employee had joined the team. Unexpectedly, an unpleasant event occurred: one employee was missing money. There was painful bewilderment.

The woman who was robbed came to Ekaterina with this problem. A look at the business security camera recordings revealed the culprit. The video showed that the new employee had stolen the money.

Only then did Ekaterina check the records on the sheriff's website and found out that this woman (the new employee) had already been brought in for similar crimes. Of course, she returned the money, but the unpleasant feeling of distrust remained.

What you need to pay attention to when checking employees:

  1. Verification of the work permit. E-Verify is an online system that allows employers to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. This is the site where your employees must be checked.

Form I-9 that an employee fills out at your request (this should be a requirement) shows that he has a work permit. With this form, you can go to the E-Verify site and ensure that the immigration service has the same opinion about the employee's status.

  1. Checking if the employee has a criminal record. There is a company engages in verification of employees. This type of background check costs $20-$100 for one check.

Before purchasing a background check, it is often enough to look at the county sheriff's website under “Arrests”. Criminal records are kept online for over twenty years. You can find out if a person stole from a store, for example.

  1. Checking employees' real capacity. We often get a question about the probationary period for a new employee. Unless you have exotic conditions, you have at-will working conditions. This means that you can fire a person at any time. That is, every day of his work is a trial period. If he does not perform well, you can fire him by notification. And you do not need to explain the reasons.

However, before you let a person into the company, you need to carry out a simple check. You can talk to previous employers. The list of questions that you can ask them is, of course, limited by law, but if the employee has done something that the former employer cannot forget, they will tell you about it.

Your broker can advise on verification. Read more about the role of a business broker in buying a business here. 

Take a quick look at our Business Due Diligence class to be fully equipped when it comes time to review employees.

How not to make a mistake

Проверка сотрудников на что обращать внимание 3

  • When hiring a person, you need to ask him to fill out an application in such detail that it allows you to conduct all the necessary verifications: immigration status, reviews about him, etc.
  • Hiring an employee is expensive. To begin with, you need to make sure that the person is not a thief, not a pedophile, and didn`t terrify previous employers, customers, or co-workers. After that, you can hire him, knowing that you can fire him at any time.
  • Drafting the documents related to hiring is a professional occupation. The pennies that you save by downloading templates from the internet can turn into a cost of tens of thousands of dollars.

It is also important not to delay checking the business and all its aspects. When to start - find out in our article. And to find out who will help to conduct a quality check, read "Who checks the business."

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