Preparing for Business Due Diligence: Why It's Crucial for Success

Masha K. had done her homework. She had taken business buying classes and was well prepared when she decided to make an offer for the purchase of a metal products company.

As part of her preparation, she made a list of what should be provided at the time of the audit. However, she encountered an obstacle in the form of an old, manipulative grandmother who was the saleswoman for the company she was interested in buying. When she requested the required documents, the saleswoman claimed that she could not provide them. But Masha did not succumb to the aggressive manipulative tactics and instead set a condition: "Either you provide all the documents, or you will not receive the money." Eventually, a compromise was reached, and the documents were provided, but not in full.

This scenario highlights the importance of preparing for business due diligence. Due diligence is the process of evaluating a potential business opportunity, and it is essential to success when buying or investing in a company. Due diligence is the process of examining all aspects of the business, including its financials, operations, legal, and regulatory compliance. By conducting due diligence, you can uncover potential risks and opportunities and make informed decisions.

Inspection rules

  1. Before starting the due diligence process, collecting information from independent sources is crucial. At a minimum, you should find out who the official owner of the business is.

This will help you negotiate with them. You should also try to find out if there are any claims by creditors or lawsuits against the business. This will help clarify if any financial or legal issues are making the company unusable. In some cases, the owner may not even be aware of these issues. It's also important to form an opinion on the market position and study customer reviews, especially for businesses such as restaurants. Read more about business verification and when to start it in our article.

  1. After deciding on the type of business you want to purchase, you should make a list of documents required for the due diligence process.

These documents should include materials needed to submit an immigration petition if applicable and those necessary for conducting an audit, including the restoration of accounting. Primary documentation is essential for this process. It's also essential to make an appointment with professionals who can help you with the audit and ask about the time frame. Based on their deadlines, you can make an offer and set a timeline for the due diligence process. It's important to keep the deadlines reasonable, not too long, and not too short, and make sure they're agreed upon by everyone involved in the review.

During the due diligence process, it's not uncommon for sellers to refuse to read or sign an offer and claim they don't have the required documents. It's crucial to understand if this is enough for immigration. To complete this part of the process, you need to hone your skills in the negotiation class.

It's important to note that due diligence begins right after you find out the business's name. The list of required documents must be consistent with the requirements of the immigration attorney and vary depending on the type of business. The timeline for the review should be agreed upon by everyone involved, and it's crucial to be smart about setting reasonable deadlines that don't take too long.

Read more about who conducts the due diligence in our article.

What is important to remember:

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  • Before conducting due diligence, it's important to collect information from independent sources to gain insight into the business's market position, potential legal issues, and customer reviews.
  • When making an offer, set a deadline for the provision of required documents that is twice what the professional tells you, but keep in mind that deadlines longer than 3-4 weeks are typically not accepted. Read more about the business audit schedule here.
  • The list of documents must be consistent with the requirements of the immigration attorney.
  • The list of documents varies depending on the type of business.

You can learn how this is done from our Business Search class.


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