In this article, you can read about the path that managers and business owners go through to immigrate to the United States.

 What is a green card for managers?  

The legal basis for this path is the L-1 visa, which is issued to managers who are transferred from a foreign company to a US branch. That is, the company must have at least two parts: one in the US, and the other outside the US. Plus, the manager must have been an employee for at least a year. And when a person comes to America, he has to work as the head of the company - a high-level manager.  

We have a category of our clients who are in such tandems. On one hand, there is a business owner who has an enterprise outside of America. And this owner is often almost completely immersed in the business, so he does not even have time to study the process of opening a branch in the United States. On the other hand, there is the manager. Anyone can become a manager if he meets an investor and can convince him that this is a workable scheme and that he knows how to do it. That is, he will solve the investor's problem of obtaining a green card for the INVESTOR.  

The second component of successful immigration is a steady income. The way we propose is good because it gives two solutions at once. On the one hand, it gives a legal basis, on the other hand, it creates a stable source of income for both the manager and the owner. The manager receives a salary, his source of income. The business owner makes a profit from the enterprise in which he invested money.  And the profitability of this enterprise is a necessary component. It is impossible to get a green card on a non-profit option. And so, we, as brokers, specialize in selecting businesses that are suitable for obtaining a green card. One of the criteria is that the enterprise must be profitable. Therefore, when an investor has done this, he not only has a legal basis, but also a business that generates profit.  

Stages of successful immigration  

  1. Let's say you are a manager, and you need to find an investor. The "Search for an Investor" class will help you with this.  
  1. By working with an investor, you find a company in the US and the investor acquires it. Thus, you have a legal basis. We cover the nuances of this case in five classes, which are devoted to the immigration process and the acquisition of a business.  
  1. After the acquisition and you have a legal basis, it remains to submit documents for a petition. It's not that easy, so you need to be familiar with the business immigration class in detail because this will allow you to arrange your actions in the correct sequence. You will understand the entire immigration process from start to finish.  
  1. And the last stage is when the petition is sent, but the business has not ended. You still need to manage it. Several of our classes are dedicated to the specifics of business management in the USA and can help with this. They are aimed at preventing the main mistakes of business owners in America.  

How do I attract a co-investor?  

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This process is divided into several stages:  

  1. Search preparation.  
  1. Search for a co-investor.  
  1. The most important part is the presentation during the first meeting. If you don't like it, there won't be a second meeting. It is very important to appear before the investor as a person who instills confidence and hope in him.  
  1. Agreement. Everything is not so simple; you must have your criteria in mind and not agree to something that will prevent you from achieving your goals.  

Before diving deeper into this process, there are several questions you should answer.  

  1. Why look for an investor? What is your goal?  
  1. Who is a good choice? What would the ideal investor look like for you?  
  1. Where should I look?  Potential locations.  
  1. How do I search?  

To successfully find a co-investor and immigrate to the US, you must complete our Investor Search CLASS.  

To be the best at what you do, you need to work with the best. So, work with INVMAG to achieve your goal of moving to the USA. 

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