In this article, you will read about a scam that has engulfed dozens, if not hundreds, of investors who have followed the path of the EB-5 program.

EB-5 is an investment program that says you can invest in the US, create jobs, and then we will give you a green card.  

There are two investment options.  

  1. When you invest in a regional center, an enterprise that operates in declining industries (for example, raising collective farms).  
  1. When you invest in your own venture.  

The history is connected just with the regional center. The difference between these two options is that you need to invest twice as much in your own enterprise.  The amount required used to be $1,000,000, now the amount is approaching $2,000,000. Not everyone can put that kind of money on the table, so people tend to follow the path of regional centers.  

The citizen (details of his estate and other information you can read on the website of the Ministry of Justice) was engaged in buying up regional centers. That is, someone who created a regional center said that he would be engaged in the construction of houses in decadent [do you mean wealthy?] areas and that they would create a certain number of jobs. And the Department of Justice permitted them, saying: “Yes, please, you can invite investors, we will issue green cards to them, subject to the implementation of the investment program.”  

At the same time, the aforementioned citizen most likely suspected that if there were many regional centers registered for one person, this would arouse suspicion. And he did it several dozen times, judging by the amounts that the people who contacted him lost. The man, to somehow disguise all this, immediately re-registered the ownership of this regional center to a front owner. Moreover, the dummy owner knew nothing about this. He had documents of real people, he entered them, but those "neither in sleep nor in spirit."  

In the next step, he sent documents and said that the owner of the center had changed, and it was necessary to issue approval again. Moreover, all the documents were entirely falsified because the “owner” of this center did not know that he was listed as the owner, nor was he aware that something had to be approved. 

Обманутые инвесторы 4The regional center was organized based on false documents. Then he attracted investors.  He told them, "Bring me your $500,000 or whatever you have and you will receive a green card in due course." The time it takes for obtaining a green card under this scheme is several years. Therefore, he did this for quite a long time, until the first people began to receive some requests from immigration.  

He was mightily successful in this business, and his scheme attracted total investments of $52,000,000. As you can read in the official source, all his scam was exposed and the FBI is investigating.  

But not only were these regional centers fake, but the man also completely falsified the entire package of immigration documents. Everything that the owner of the regional center was supposed to sign had fake signatures. The bilked investors have no legal right to have a green card. They could have lived there for several years; they could have invested several million dollars. They are not the poorest people, they bought houses here, and their children study in prestigious institutions. And suddenly, bam! They are told: "You have 72 hours to leave the country; if you do not have time, we will help you." All this is very stressful.  

And you probably ask what they could do in such a situation.  

There is such a thing as due diligence. Every time that a deal is brewing, that is, an investor is on the verge of buying a business, before closing this deal, he conducts due diligence - a comprehensive check. Sometimes it turns out that the composition of the owners is not at all the same as it was originally proposed. Due diligence is what they or their lawyers should have done. Then they would have discovered that there are faces, but those faces are not aware of their role in this story.  

We do not want to cast a shadow on the regional centers in general.  

Обманутые инвесторы 3

Most of them are real businesses, but the point is that if you are dealing with a person who promises you that everything will be quick and easy, and at the same time he does not come across as the most honest person in the world, then you need to be very careful. In addition, you must check all documents very carefully and not rely only on his words in this regard.  

This scamming entrepreneur was immediately arrested, but then the US government said that they did not want to keep him in prison, and set his bond at only $ 750,000.  He was allowed to leave prison and moved straight to the American border. According to investigators, he now lives in the Dominican Republic and has already received a residence permit there. As a result, those who gave him millions of dollars will certainly not get anything back. They lost both their investment money and a green card, as well as the money that they managed to bring into the country.  

You must pursue getting your green card according to legal procedures with assistance from honest, knowledgeable people who follow the law and with whom you have direct contact, like those of us at Investors Magnet. Contact us and we will help you get a green card in the most legal way there is. 

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