My journey hasn’t been without mistakes. After all, everything new and unfamiliar to us is known only through a large number of attempts, trials, and errors.  

I want to tell you a story about one of my first jobs in the USA. My name is Nikolay Safonov. I am the founder of Investors Magnet.  

When I moved to the USA and decided to move from one city to another, I was offered a job in a bank. The essence of my work was to sell securities to people who wanted to profitably invest their money (investors). I knew almost nothing about this profession; I had basic knowledge, but that's all. I didn’t have acquaintances in this field of activity or the necessary skills and tools for making transactions.  

To somehow expand my social circle, I began to study information in newspapers and internet resources to find a way or events for meeting people from different fields of activity.  

On my way, I decided to start by visiting local networking groups. I came to these meetings, told those I met about myself, and handed out my business cards to people present there. But at the time of attending such events, I didn’t have the skill of professional communication and presentation of myself. There was a goal that I wanted to achieve. It sounded like this: "Meet an investor and get a large circle of acquaintances." Unfortunately, I didn't understand how to achieve this. I continued to go to all the events, and collect people's business cards, but that's it. I remember thinking: “For sales to go, you need to communicate only with high-ranking people, ignoring communication with others.”  

About a month later, I had hundreds of business cards in my hands, but there were no sales and no people interested in me.  

2 reasons for a slow start!  

I didn’t invite people to repeat meetings - this is the first reason. None of the new acquaintances, after the first meeting with me, could remember: “Who is Nikolai Safonov?”  

Lack of skill to properly present me at meetings is my second mistake. An illiterate presentation of myself at the initial meeting didn’t interest people but rather repelled them.  

What should have been done for that cherished meeting with the investor?  

I shouldn't have waited for my new acquaintances to take the initiative in further communication. It is necessary to get in touch with a person after first meeting them to establish further interaction.  

Remember! We cannot know what kind of communication or acquaintance will lead us to the right person. Communicate and present yourself to all people equally. Listen to the conversation, and show a friendly interest towards the speaker. 

5 steps for a person without connections to get to an investor: 3 прыжка 3

  1. Learn to present yourself. Rehearse different formats for presenting yourself.  
  1. Don't judge people at first sight. You can never know what this or that acquaintance will give you.  
  1. Listen to the speaker in front of you. 80% of the time you should be listening, making mental notes, and only 20% talking.  
  1. Don’t ask for a "big" favor at the first meeting. Start small. For example: ask your new acquaintance about the nearest dating event.  
  1. Invite these potential business associates to repeat meetings.  

Without money, connections, and acquaintances, but with the help of my efforts, through trial and error, I achieved the results I sought. Now I have a large circle of acquaintances, employees who work for me, my own company, as well as classes in which I share my experience, methods of work, and the secrets of doing business in the USA.  

We offer to save you time, avoid mistakes, and help you immediately go to the final result. You can learn in detail from our class: “Search for an investor”. 

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